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Join our 2024/25 committee 

Do you want to raise money for charity, gain new skills and meet an incredible community of people?

Look no further than Edinburgh RAG’s committee, where you can meet likeminded folks, boost your CV and make a difference to the lives of those truly in need. You may know us from the famous Race2 hitchhiking events or our annual ball – we do a lot in the year and now is your chance to be involved.​ Our volunteers describe their time on the committee as an invaluable part of their university experience. Even our busy 4th year volunteers say RAG has provided an excellent reprieve from their studies!


ESCA allows volunteers to vote for chosen charities they wish to support each year and plans numerous training and development sessions to help you get the most out of your role on either RAG or Meadows Marathon.


Our events require a lot of organisation, and communication is key to our success, with weekly committee meetings to facilitate this. The committee is expected to keep in contact throughout the week and over holidays

It is important to note that being on the committee requires a level of sustained commitment for the whole year. Don't let this put you off, we just want you to understand the expectations and responsibilities which come with being a committee member so that you can apply for the most appropriate role. For example, if you have lots of other commitments it might be better to apply for an officer role. 

If you are not sure about the level of commitment a particular role requires then please get in touch to have a chat. Email with any questions you have.

Find out more about available committee roles below

2024/25 Edinburgh RAG Committee Roles


RAG’s President is responsible for leading the committee and ensuring the team work together to make our fundraising events a success. The president meets weekly with the vice presidents and ESCA Appeal Coordinator, and represents the committee at ESCA board meetings. 

Vice Presidents

The vice presidents support the president in leading the committee and ensuring teams work together to put on successful events. This year we will be recruiting 2 vice presidents, both of whom will have 2 coordinators reporting directly to them.  


Our team coordinators are responsible for planning and executing RAG's events, be that our iconic charity hitch hikes, fabulous charity ball, the fundraising extravaganza that is RAG Week, or in the case of the events coordinator, socials and smaller events. All coordinators report to the vice presidents are supported by a team of officers.  

Ball Coordinator
Hitches Coordinator
Rag Week Coordinator
Events Coordinator


Officers work with their team and support their coordinator to plan and execute fundraising events. These roles are perfect for those excited to get stuck into fundraising, but without taking on the greater responsibility of a coordinator.

Ball Officers
Hitches Officers
Rag Week Officers
Events Officer


The marketing coordinator will lead the team of marketing officers in planning and executing RAG's overall marketing strategy. They will be supported by a dedicated marketing officer who will be in charge of social media. Specific marketing officers will work within the teams for each of our flagship events, developing that specific marketing strategy and ensuring that logistics and marketing are aligned. Graphic designers will create all marketing materials. 

Marketing Coordinator
Marketing Officer
Ball Marketing Officer
Hitches Marketing Officer
Rag Week Marketing Officer
Graphic Designers
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